Principles of Navigation by Peter Fong selected for Electronic Book Series

New Rivers Press is pleased to announce that Principles of Navigation, a novel by Peter Fong, has been selected for publication in the New Rivers Press Electronic Book Series. Set in the Florida Keys, the book charts a love story between a fishing guide and a childless, married woman, and the novel uses the setting so vividly that one New Rivers Press editor remarked that he wishes he could be down there instead of here in Minnesota. The story is told expertly from the points of view of both lovers, and subplots include forays into the world of professional football, horse racing, and the 1980 Mariel Boatlift.

Mr. Fong is a freelance editor and a flyfishing guide living in Aruba. His stories have appeared in the New York Times Sophisticated Traveler, in Hemingway’s Meadow, and other places, including "The Life of Huai Li" in the anthology American Fiction, Volume 12, published by New Rivers Press in 2012. He won the 25th Anniversary Fiction Prize from Soundings East, where chapters 1 and 3 from Principles of Navigation appeared in a slightly different form, and second place in the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. He received a fellowship from the Montana Arts Council.

With this new Electronic Book Series, New Rivers Press seeks to publish popular fiction titles with literary value from new and emerging authors in the genres of Action-adventure, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Western, and Inspirational, and all sub-genres within and across those categories.
Look for Mr. Fong’s book to appear published in the electronic book format in the coming months. Congratulations, Mr. Fong, on being selected for publication.