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The Animals Beyond Us, poems
Michael Hettich

"His poems are finely observed, precisely felt, and they bring magic to the domestic life, the real magic of language that has power to transform a world." ~John Dufresne, author

Dissolve, poems
Holaday Mason

"I love Mason's instructive intensity and will, her grace and ability to translate desire into something scary yet gorgeous."~David Dodd Lee, author

Downriver People, fiction
Bea Exner Liu

"Americans should read, and ponder, this humane memoir of an American life in a China now massively, but not unrecognizably, transformed."~Robert A. Knapp

Girl Held in Home, fiction
Elizabeth Searle

"...Elizabeth Searle uses her signature zany brilliance to turn suburbia, adultery, parenting, politics, and even terrorism into something new and insightful."~Ann Hood, author

Hotel Utopia, poems
Robert Miltner

"[This] is a book of angles. These poems come from one bend in the mind, then another, from one tilt in the heart, then another. Whether the content is personal, mystical, or political, the voice is deliciously agile."~Tim Seibles, author

The Muse of Ocean Parkway and Other Stories, short story collection
Jacob Lampart

"Not since The Magic Barrelhave I read a short story collection that delivers such lacerating wit and tempered realism." ~C. Michael Curtis, editor

Ordering Information
Individuals may purchase titles either online through good bookstores. If the title you are looking for is not in stock, your bookstore should be able to special order it for you.

If you wish to order directly, you can contact us:

 New Rivers Press
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1104 7th Ave. S.
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All bookstores, libraries, and wholesalers must order from The Consortium, our national distributor to purchase books. However, feel free to contact us if you need additional assistance or information.

Examination copies are available at a discount to teachers who wish to consider books for possible text adoption or supplemental reading. The discount offered is 50%. Orders must be placed on departmental letterhead, with the name of the book, the class for which it is being considered, and the expected dates of the class. Include payment with your order. Returns are not accepted for these orders.