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Donations Vital for New Rivers Press

Philanthropy remains a vital source of income for many small presses, especially literary presses, who can’t survive on their book sales alone. In Minnesota, literary presses rely heavily on the McKnight Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, The Bush Foundation, and the Minnesota State Arts Board, in addition to a host of local companies, which give charitably to the arts. Even New Rivers Press, which depends on MSUM to cover some overhead and facilities costs, is unable to bring in enough money through book sales to feed the editorial process. “Without fundraising, we couldn’t make it a go," said Gudmundson, director when New Rivers moved to MSUM in 2001.

Since 1982, New Rivers Press has been a not-for-profit press, which means donations to the press are tax deductible. Prior to its move to MSUM, New Rivers had considerable debt, but thanks to a $40,000 grant from the McKnight Foundation, MSUM and New Rivers were able to retire the debt and begin anew, while still honoring existing book contracts and remaining true to the original mission of publishing new and emerging literary writers. “The McKnight Foundation saw that MSUM would be a good home for New Rivers Press,” Gudmundson said, “but we go back for yearly support.”
Historically, the McKnight Foundation and the Jerome Foundation have been significant contributors to New Rivers Press. However, like many other nonprofit organizations, New Rivers in recent years has experienced a downturn in support.
There are many ways you can contribute to New Rivers Press. You can donate to support general operations, so that we can continue to publish good books, or you can help support the teaching component of the press, so that students can continue to learn the business of publishing. You can also support a particular book or series.
Contribution Levels New Rivers Press offers the following contribution levels and benefits.
  • Member $100 (or whatever you can afford to contribute)
  • Writer's Circle ($101 to $500) - Please choose any three New Rivers Press books as a token of our appreciation.
  • Editor's Circle ($501 to $1000) - Please allow us to send you a signed set of the new book releases for the current year.
  • Publisher's Circle ($1,001 to $2,500) Besides a signed set, we would like to recognize you as a primary donor on the Copyright page of a forthcoming book of your choice.
  • The Legacy Circle - Please consider making a larger contribution if that's possible, creating a New Rivers Press endowment, or including NRP in your estate plans.
If you would like to join the New Rivers Press family, please contact Suzzanne Kelley, Managing Editor and Co-Director, at 218.477.5870 or